Dr. Hebel was a god-send for me. I've had braces three times plus jaw surgery (all to create a bite that works not for cosmetic reasons). Then, it turned out that I was within the 1% of people whose jaws relapse after the surgery (i.e., space opens up between the jaws and the teeth don't meet together).

I had consults with other doctors who said I needed to crown every tooth in my head, etc. For all of you Law of Attraction fans out there, I was finally so distraught after meeting with doctors I didn't trust who gave me estimates of $10K to $30K (and wanted to crown perfectly good teeth), I made a list of all the qualities I was looking for in a prosthodontist. Soon after that, I was referred to the head of the UCSF dental school but he was no longer taking patients. Who did he recommend for a complex case? Dr. Hebel - top in her class years ago and top of the line now.

Dr. Hebel took a conservative approach that is working! She shaved some teeth and built up some others with a bit of plastic. When a couple teeth needed to be crowned, she built them to fit the new bite. We also permanently wired some lower teeth. I can now truly chew food and because my teeth feel more stable, I feel more confident.

In addition to just being an excellent prosthodontist (her dental work not only fixes problems, it looks and feels good!), she is kind, respectful, and patient, and takes the time to explain things along the way. Plus, she is passionate about her work. Whether you have regular or complex dental needs, you can't go wrong with Dr. Hebel!